While many people claim to be experts on social media and campaign management, Blake has the track record of proven success that speaks for itself. His ability to see through the BS and get to the core issues of driving user engagement were demonstrated in his work on our Facebook page. Blake gives no-nonsense advice that will help any company achieve their goals around creating and maintaining interest with their brand.
— Patrick Clasen, Co-Founder - EcoTech Marine
We partnered with Blake for the launch of our new family of e-commerce sites. His leadership and guidance were absolutely invaluable to our successful launch. He took the time to understand our business – with its highly unique requirements – and collaboratively designed a strategy that far exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that without his guidance, knowledge, and experience, I don’t know where we would be today!
— Gideon Menczel, President - WithLogos.com
I have worked with Blake in several capacities (including as a colleague and client). His deep knowledge within the digital space, coupled with his focus on performance, allows him to wring ROI out of every program and ultimately leads to goals being achieved and surpassed. I consider him to be an indispensible advisor who is hugely valuable to all things e-commerce.
— Colton Perry, Vice President – Monetate, Inc.
Blake is an industry leader for good reason. He gives it to you straight, but he’s always able to back his position with data and a truly gifted intuition. He has the ability to understand the inner workings of online advertising and an amazing ability to understand how best to help a company profit from it.
— Marty Desilets, Partner - One Roof Media
During the start-up and launch of our CrossFit box, Blake helped us immensely with the strategy, development, and launch of both our site and Facebook, and he was instrumental in helping us to promote many events – to the point where we were fully at capacity and then some. He stepped right in as a member of the team, and led us through the successful launch of not just our online presence but also our business. Without a doubt, he is one of the reasons our business took off so quickly.
— Brad Hortman, Co-owner South Mountain CrossFit
I had the unique opportunity to work with Blake, first as a colleague and then as a client. While working together at the digital marketing agency, Netplus, I had the opportunity to see the full scope of Blake’s marketing capabilities. From receipt of a client brief, to development of a comprehensive strategy and plan, and insightful analysis of performance metrics, Blake was “in the zone”. Where others might grasp the individual components of an e-commerce initiative, Blake was intuitively able to understand the client’s culture and capabilities, integrate online and offline tactics, and optimize the performance of a complex campaign – similar to the way great conductors guide musicians to produce an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts.
While serving Blake in his role as the e-commerce manager for a major clothing retailer, it was gratifying to see him apply his strategic business skills and rigorous analytic abilities in a large, matrixed organization and establish cross-disciplinary systems that significantly elevated the company’s performance.
I recommend Blake as a highly accomplished, e-commerce professional who will “meet you” where you are, and work collaboratively to help get you where you want to be.
— Richard Clifford, Former Vice President – Netplus Marketing